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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 11, 2015)– Imagine completely losing your sex drive and there’s nothing your doctor can do to help you. A pill was just approved especially for women dealing with this difficult reality. Although it’s been compared to Viagra for men, the “little pink pill” is a lot more intense and comes with harsh restrictions.

Stay at home mom Katherine Campbell says life is good. She has two healthy children and a good marriage. But when the lights go out at night, that’s when a major problem creeps in.

“I used to have this really great sex drive. I used to be able to flirt, joke around. My husband and I just had a really great sex life and after my son was gone there was nothing,” said Katherine.

Desperate to flip the switch in her body again, Katherine turned to the Internet after her doctor said there was nothing he could do to help. That’s when she discovered she might have hypoactive sexual desire disorder. And a new pill was in the works to help women with decreased sex drive. Now that the pill is approved, we’re learning more about it. It’s sold under the name Addyi and is made by Sprout Pharmaceuticals. Although the comparisons have been made, it  works nothing like Viagra for men.

“The little pink pill is a medication that operates centrally in the brain to change neurotransmitters and increase desire in women who have a reduction in desire,” said IU Health ObGyn, Dr. Valerie Omicioli.

This pill is for women who don’t suffer from depression, other medical condition that would cause their libido to drop or marital issues.

“I am very much attracted to my husband. I want to have a desire to have sex with him, I just don’t and I felt helpless,” said Katherine.

And the little pink pill is a major commitment.

“Pretty much make a contract with their provider not to drink any alcohol at all,” said Dr. Omicioli

No alcohol whatsoever because that could lead to a drastic drop in blood pressure. The pill is taken daily, not just when you want to get in the mood. And the effects are modest. But Katherine says at this point she’s willing to do what it takes to bring the sexy back.

“It would be going from once every two months to once a month maybe. You know, but it’s amazing how that can work wonders in someone’s life or their marriage or their own confidence,” said Kathrine.

Katherine has shared her story nationally even as a patient in the FDA approval hearings. The alcohol impacts are so severe doctors and pharmacies have to be certified in order to distribute the pill.

Since the pill was just approved in August, doctors are just now starting the certification process.