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MORRISTOWN, Ind. (Nov. 30, 2015)– At just 5 years old, a young Hoosier knows what it means to fight for your life. The people in Morristown are showing Benny Calaski and his family they are not in this battle alone.

Clippers were buzzing in Shelby County Monday night. The community stepping up to get buzzed or bald for Benny.

“It’s been a crazy tough year,” said father, Brian Calaski.

Benny has been battling leukemia and just finished up an intense round of chemo. After being away from school for a few months he had some reservations about going back.

“He’s a little nervous about coming back with no hair. So we’ve been talking about Ben is going to be thankful if his friends didn’t feel like he looked weird without any hair,” said teacher Carrie Thompson.

So the Morristown community came together to show their support. The high school principal, the basketball team and even Ben’s preschool classmates all said goodbye to their own hair as a show of support.

“We are a small family that comes together when people are in need. They’re in need and just comes out of the woodwork’s,” said Boys and Girls Club leader, Scott Spahr.

For a $5 donation, the buzz cuts kept coming. Benny even got in on the action giving his dad a haircut so he can look just like him. A moment dad was proud to share.

“With him being upbeat and able to be so strong and run around and play and act like a fairly normal kid it makes it that much easier on us as parents.”

Benny’s family wanted the event to be a “love raiser.” They’ve decided to give the donations to the Morristown Boys and Girls Club.