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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 2, 2015) — In the face of two mass shootings in the U.S. this week, are local trauma centers prepared? FOX59 went to IU Methodist to see how their team would respond.

One of the top level one trauma centers in the state is equipped with an aggressive team waiting for the unknown to come through the door. No matter how many patients or how severe, the team says they’re prepared.

“We have the most blood available in the state for transfusion. We have the most operating rooms available. We have more than 30 of them. And we have the largest ICU capability as well in the state,” said IU Methodist trauma surgeon Dr. Jamie Coleman.

Although it seems like doctors and nurses are scrambling during mass shooting situations we may see on television shows, doctors say it’s actually a smooth process, given the circumstances.

“From the outside it may look chaotic but trust me there’s a system underneath. Everyone knows their role, everyone knows what they need to do and you just get it done,” said Coleman.

Coleman said hearing of so may mass shootings has prompted the hospital to take steps to respond in case this happens here at home. They have an entire committee designated to active shooter, multiple injury scenarios. They trained just two weeks ago.

“We have the largest surge capability of any hospital in the entire state. So if this kind of incident were to happen here in Indianapolis, we’re the best prepared for it.”

On Wednesday, active shooter procedures were briefly put into place at Community Hospital North.

The hospital was placed on a brief lockdown after police say armed suspects ran in the hospital after trying to rob someone in the parking lot. So for a group of people who are used to running toward danger, they’re learning to also protect themselves.

“Through the notification of all personnel so they can get to a safe place, that they can run and hide. That our security officers here are in touch with law enforcement.”

Eskenazi Health is the only other level one trauma center in the state.