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(November 23, 3015) — If you plan on heading out for Black Friday shopping, get ready for what could be a tough crowd. According to a new study Hoosiers are willing to throw a few punches to score a good deal.

We see the images of massive crowds every year flooding the doors of retailers who promise blow out prices. Some people get aggressive and even fists fly to get those deals.

“Yeah, I’m definitely in it,” said shopper, Tatum Weishaar.

A new report released from Estately ranks the states you’re most like to encounter fights at Black Friday sales. Indiana took the number eight spot.

“I’m very aggressive. I would definitely fight somebody,” said Weishaar.

To determine where it’s most dangerous to participate in Black Friday, Estately looked at the number of Facebook users excited about Black Friday and the FBI crime reports for the amount of aggravated assaults. Most of us remember the viral video from the Beech Grove Walmart of two women fighting. Although it wasn’t on Black Friday, incidents like that is why Indiana is on the list. Those women walked away with a few scrapes and bruises and a criminal history.

“You know if you assault someone or do something like that then yeah you could end up facing charges down the road,” said IMPD, Officer Rafael Diaz.

IMPD says they have increased patrols around local malls and stores even hire off duty officers for an added presence. Police even have an on site office at the Castleton Square Mall. Police say they just want shoppers to be safe and enjoy the holidays.

“There is not one item that is worth getting hurt or even getting killed over,” said Officer Diaz.

Two out of three Indy shoppers who plan to shop on Black Friday say they will create a plan before heading out to the stores. And by the way Arkansas topped the list for crowds likely to be violent on Black Friday.