Nine companies commit to expanding, adding jobs across Indiana

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Nine businesses have committed to investing and expanding their companies; it means more jobs will be available for Hoosiers.

The companies include Angie’s List, Atwood Mobile Products, BidPal, Brunswick Fort Wayne Operations, Cafe Valley, ExactTarget, Inventure Foods, Mitsubishi Engine North America and Moorehead Communications. The total capital investment in our state will be $148 million. There will be 2,550 jobs available.

“This is not it. These nine will be followed (by) others that we’re still working on. Indiana will never have enough jobs, never have enough opportunities, but we are outperforming the nation,” Governor Mitch Daniels said.

According to the Department of Workforce Development, Indiana has been credited for having the third largest period of growth between Oct. 2011 and Oct. 2012. There were 67,000 private sector jobs created. Indiana ranked 5th in the nation for adding jobs in the past year.

The unemployment rate in Indiana remains slightly higher than the U.S. rate. The unemployment rate in Sept. was 8.2 percent. It dropped in Oct. to 8.0 percent. Last October, the unemployment rate was 9.2 percent.

“Hoosiers are less discouraged, more people look for work here and other state’s, their unemployment rate looks a little lower than it really is. That’s good news. It shows that there’s vitality in the Indiana economy,” Daniels said.

Indiana’s unemployment rate is considered better than most of the surrounding states, with the exception of Ohio. Companies like Angie’s List and BidPal believe now is the time to expand. They like their odds of finding qualified Hoosiers to fill the position that are available. Both companies like the fact that there are several universities in the area.

Software technology company BidPal, Inc., has plenty of space in their office for the 172 jobs they’ll add by 2017. They are located near Keystone Avenue and 86th Street. They help nonprofits with charitable fundraising.

“It means we’ve got really a business climate to the state that’s favorable to help companies grow,” Webber said.

Angie’s List provides people with consumer reviews and will invest $1 million and add 850 jobs by 2017.

“It’s another great signal for Hoosiers that we’re continuing to grow and invest,” Founder and CMO Angie Hicks said.

Governor Daniels said there need to be improvements. For example, making sure people have the right skills for the types of jobs that are available.

“We’ve been growing at twice the national average the last three years (in) private sector job growth and today might bump that up a little,” Daniels said.

The November employment report will be released on Dec. 21.

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