ANDERSON, Ind. — Two June shootings that lead Anderson community leaders to take action has been ruled to have been in self-defense.

The shootings happened at 16th and Madison. Just after midnight, police were called out to a shooting. Two people were found shot. A few hours later, another shooting happened in the same place with three people shot.

One of the victims died shortly after the shooting. He was identified as Landon Hill. Anderson police confirm a second person died as a result of the shooting. He was identified as Steven Childress.

The Madison County prosecutor confirmed that an investigation into the shootings determined that both shootings were in self-defense.

The investigation found that Hill shot Childress. Another unnamed person shot Hill.

After the June shootings JR Martin, a worship leader at an Anderson church, reached out to Rev. Harrison with Ten Point Coalition asking for guidance and how to bring the crime-fighting organization to the streets of Anderson.

The Madison County prosecutor said no charges will be filed in the case.