‘No-knock’ policy restricting door-to-door sales introduced in City-County Council


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Carmel dropped its idea for a “no-knock” soliciting list, but Indianapolis city-county councilors want to make the idea work in Marion County.

The “no-knock” list would make it harder for people to sell door-to-door. Councilor Scott Kreider (R-District 23) wrote the proposal, which was introduced during Monday night’s City-County Council meeting.

Under the ordinance, it would be illegal for vendors to solicit a residence after 9 p.m. or 15 minutes after sunset if the resident posts a “no soliciting” sign and registers as a “no-knock residence.” Residents would have to re-register for the list every year.

The ordinance would allow certain non-commercial solicitations—like those for political, nonprofit or journalistic purposes.

The measure, Proposal No. 230, has been referred to the Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee for further study.

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