Former IMPD officer Bisard agrees to plead guilty in 2013 OWI case

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Former Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer David Bisard has agreed to plead guilty in a second drunk driving case.

Bisard’s attorney John Kautzman announced the plea on Bisard’s behalf Tuesday in connection with an April 2013 drunk-driving crash in Lawrence.  Bisard will plead guilty to one count of operating while intoxicated.

“His decision to accept responsibility for his conduct on this occasion, he’s already done that,” said Kautzman. “We’ve indicated to the court that he’s going to be pleading guilty.”

Bisard wrecked his pickup truck into a guardrail and tested a .21 BAC. At the time, Bisard was free on bond as the result of a fatal 2010 drunk driving Indianapolis crash that killed motorcyclist Eric Wells and injured two others.

Bisard was later found guilty in that case and sentenced to 16 years in prison in November 2013. During his sentencing, Bisard expressed remorse for his Lawrence arrest.

Bisard’s lawyers and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office are at odds over a sentencing agreement.  Prosecutors are seeking the maximum sentence of one year for the OWI charge.

“First and foremost, the death case occurred before this one and we believe that to be a significant aggravating factor,” said deputy prosecutor Denise Robinson. “And then secondly, it’s time David Bisard be held accountable and actually accept responsibility for something he’s done.”

“We tried to discuss it the best we could,” said attorney Kautzman. “Prosecutor’s office feels like they want to reserve the right to argue for a maximum sentence. We don’t think that’s appropriate.”

Bisard will appear in court on Feb. 5 for his sentencing.

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