No special prosecutor planned to investigate Bisard case troubles

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry told Fox59 Tuesday he has no plans to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the investigators who looked into the mishandling of the David Bisard case.

Curry sat down Tuesday morning with Reverend Stephen Clay, who is also a member of the IMPD Merit Board, and other local ministers.

The ministers were calling for Curry to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate recent revelations, which have come to light during motion hearings preceding the Allen County trial of Bisard.

“We know there has been a profound breech of both policy and public trust,” said Clay.

“And it’s hard to watch IMPD continue to investigate itself when certain key players were a part of the problem in the first place,” said Reverend Michael K. Jones of the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church.

Both ministers are part of the National Action Network.

Bisard faces a reckless homicide charge for the 2010 on-duty crash that killed motorcyclist Eric Wells and injured two others. His trial is scheduled to begin in mid-October

The ministers want someone from an agency outside IMPD to examine evidence and testimony about secret tapings, email seizures and the disappearance of the Bisard internal affairs file in the spring of 2012.

Following the meeting, Curry told Fox59 that the problems with the Bisard trial constitute administrative problems, but his office has uncovered no evidence of criminal activity.

“If I were recording this conversation with you without your knowledge, it might be inappropriate, it might be bad judgment, but it’s not a crime,” Curry said.

While Curry has publicly expressed his anger over the secret tapings and other revelations, he says his office has no cause to appoint a special prosecutor with evidence of illegal activity.

When asked how confident he is that no more bombshells will come from the Bisard case, Curry said, “I guess like anything in life, you never say never. But at this point in time we have no reason to believe there’s anything else.”

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