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NOBLESVILLE, Ind– Living with cancer is never easy. It can be even harder when you’re just two years old.

That’s the case for Kaydence Weaver. Too many days are spent in hospitals hooked to machines. Kaydence was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of soft tissue cancer, in July.

“It’s just been really overwhelming,” her aunt Misty Deavers said.

While Kaydence certainly has her bad days, her aunt says for the most part it hasn’t slowed her down. She’ s still the typical 2 -year-old and as rambunctious as ever.

Deavers has been taking care of Kaydence and her 4-year-old sister Salem for about a year. Like most young kids, Misty says it’s not uncommon for Kaydence and Salem to come up with a few crazy ideas.

Last week, Misty says they came up with a different kind of idea.

“I told them this story about this little kid that was in the hospital because he was sick and he asked for get well cards… and I told them he got like 500 plus cards, and they said, ‘I want 500 cards!'”

Instead of “get well” cards, the girls wanted Christmas cards. And despite the idea sounding crazy, Deavers thought there was no way she say no to her nieces who had been through so much, especially when she considered that Kaydence has to fight to get through every day.

“I said, ‘OK, we’re going to have to make this happen.’ That’s when I decided to get on some of these sites and advertise it.” said Deavers.

She decided to reach out on social media.  She asked anyone who would listen to send the girls Christmas cards.

She says so far, a lot of people have shown interest, although it’s unclear how many cards the girls will actually get.

“As long as they have something that I can read to them, and something that they can open up and know that they have something there, whatever they get I know they’ll be happy with whatever the results are,” she said.

Deavers says she has no expectations of what Christmas may bring. She says right now, she’s just holding onto hope, and the idea that if a 2-year-old can fight and smile through cancer, then maybe a crazy Christmas wish just might come true.

“I know that she’s in a lot of pain, but she’s showing me that it’s going to be OK,” said Deavers.

If you’re interested in mailing a card to Kaydence and Salem you can address it to:

Kaydence and Salem Weaver

C/O Misty Deavers

PO BOX 615

Noblesville, IN 46061