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It started out as a simple assignment in Mrs. Bond’s 8th-grade science class at Our Lady of Grace Catholic School in Noblesville.

“Through this process, you all had to try to make a difference,” said Angela Bond, as she addressed her students.

Isabella Bucklew not only made a difference, she started “Bella’s Crusade,” which helps children of domestic violence.

“I found that it’s a rising problem here, and I’ve also had personal issues with it,” Bucklew said.

Bucklew said she has walked in the shoes of those she helps, and she knows children of domestic violence need comfort.  With that in mind, the determined student contacted the Bears in Blue Foundation, which donated 32 stuffed bears to the Fishers Police Department.

“She had such charisma and passion for domestic violence, so we were very much in awe over her,” said Jennifer Ryle with the Bears in Blue Foundation.

Now, every Fishers Police Department officer will be armed with a stuffed bear to give to children who face domestic violence.  As for older children and teens, instead of bears, Bucklew designed a journal for officers to hand out to victims who may have trouble speaking out.

“The goal is that for them journaling it will help them feel better and they can express their feelings that way,” Bucklew said.

What started as a simple class project has now turned into something extrodinary.

“I’m very impressed with Bella,” said Bucklew’s teacher Bond.  “The whole reason for this project was for the students to open their eyes and get involved and see if they could make a difference.  She’s exceeded all my expectations.”

She will touch a few lives along the way, and in case you’re wondering, Bucklew got an A on the project.