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FISHERS, Ind. — A Noblesville teenager is still recovering at Riley Hospital for Children after he was hit by a car last weekend while crossing Allisonville Road, just north of 141st street.

15-year-old Alex Durm suffered severe injuries in that crash including a concussion, broken arm and fractured pelvis.

“I turned my head just as he flew up and hit the windshield and to see that… it took me a second for it to click and realize what was happening,” Alex’s mother, Megan Draper, said.

Durm has since undergone numerous surgeries and could potentially have a few more. However, his parents say he’s expected to make a full recovery.

“He’s going to be fine he’s going to have pain and it’s going to be a lot a lot of work and a lot of time to get back to normal but he’s going to be okay,” Draper said.

The investigation in to what happened is ongoing but the driver is cooperating with Fishers police. Alex’s parents say the driver was going the speed limit, unlike so many they normally see. 

“Thank God he wasn’t speeding because who knows what would’ve happened if he had been going faster,” Draper said.

Now that their son is on the road to recovery, they’d like to see some changes to make the area safer for pedestrians. Some of those include additional sidewalks and crosswalks.

“I know that the people who live in that area would appreciate it too because there are a lot of people who do walk in that area,” Draper said.

They’re unsure how much longer Alex be at the hospital, but say the support they’ve received from friends, family and complete strangers is getting them and their son through this terrible ordeal.

We reached out to the city of Fishers to ask about those additional safety measures, but we’ve not yet heard back.