NWS confirms 5 tornadoes in Indiana Wednesday, including EF3 in Kokomo

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The National Weather Service says five tornadoes touched down Wednesday in Indiana.

According to a preliminary report from NWS, a tornado in Kokomo was rated an EF3. Montgomery County’s tornado was rated an EF2. In Howard County, a tornado was rated EF1. There was an EF1 tornado on the Carroll County/Howard County line. Marion County’s tornado was rated EF0.

The Enhanced Fujita Scale is used to make these determinations. An EF0 means winds of 65-85 mph and minor or no damage. An EF1 tornado can produce 86-110 mph winds and creates moderate damage.

EF2 tornadoes can have winds up to 135 mph and shift the foundation of homes.

At EF3, like the one in Kokomo, winds up to 165 mph can be produced and have the capability of lifting cars off the ground and destroy stories of well-constructed homes.

There were about 15 minor injuries across the state related to the tornadoes. There were no serious injuries and no fatalities.

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