Off-duty ISP trooper applies tourniquet, saves life


BROWN COUNTY, Ind.- An off-duty Indiana State trooper is being credited for saving a woman hurt in a motorcycle crash.

“The timing was almost too perfect for everything to work out,” said Matt Hatchett, a trooper with Indiana State Police.

Saturday afternoon around 4 o’clock, Trooper Hatchett was on his way home after some training.  When he got to Sunset Drive, a group of motorcyclists flagged him down.

“When I pulled up, I noticed a female laying down next to a fence with multiple people around her,” said Hatchett.

One of the motorcyclist’s legs was severely hurt.  She was losing a lot of blood and losing consciousness.  Within seconds of being there, Trooper Hatchett knew exactly what to do and grabbed his trauma kit out of his patrol car.

“We were able to get the tourniquet on quickly and it appeared to stop the bleeding,” he recalled.

The woman was airlifted to a hospital and at last check, she’s expected to survive.

“I know it’s hard to stay calm in that situation but that’s what you got to do to get through it and she did an excellent job. She’s a fighter for sure, you can tell,” said Trooper Hatchett.

Hatchett has used other items in his trauma kit, but this is the first time he’s had to use a tourniquet at a scene.

“It was definitely a group effort, between the civilians, fire department, EMS and other officers that arrived afterward to help. It was not just me there that made it all work out.”

This trooper hasn’t had a chance to talk to the victim he helped save but he wants her to know, her getting another day is the biggest reward he could ask for.

“I hope she stays positive through everything. I know it’s going to be a long road but she has friends, family, officers, firefighter, EMS that are all thinking about her and care about her and hope that she does okay,” said Trooper Hatchett.

Every officer in Marion County and surrounding counties has a trauma kit in their patrol car.  Over 3,000 trauma kits have been distributed in central Indiana.

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