Office of Inspector General tells EPA they need to update online information they’ve had since 2018


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FRANKLIN, Ind. – The U.S. EPA Office of Inspector General alerted the EPA Thursday that certain information on the website is not up to date for people living near the former Amphenol site in Franklin.

The OIG says the EPA has listed the site as “controlled,” despite knowing since 2018 that it is no longer fits the “controlled” designation.

Back in May, the OIG came to Franklin for a listening session as part of a larger audit on the EPA’s risk communication. At that gathering, neighbors approached the mic one-by-one expressing their concerns with how they have received information from the EPA regarding the site.

Afterwards, Tina Lovingood, the director of land, cleanup and waste management program evaluations for the EPA OIG, said there were a number of suggestions that could be taken back to the EPA right away.

The OIG said the website classified both human health exposure and contaminated groundwater migration as “controlled” despite the EPA’s Corrective Action Project Manager, Corrective Action Section Chief and Branch Chief for Region 5 having information since 2018 that it should no longer be identified as such.

The OIG acknowledged this is how the people living there gather information about local sources of pollution, allowing them to make decisions about home buying and selling. The OIG underscored the importance of giving people the most accurate, reliable and up-to-date info on matters related to their area and public health.

As of June 27, the page for the Amphenol site on the EPA’s “Clean-ups in My Community,” it still shows Human Exposure and Groundwater Mitigation is controlled. It reports the clean-up efforts for the site’s been implemented.

FOX 59 reached out to the EPA for comment but we have not heard back yet.

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