Officer helps girls catch mouse after neighbors called IMPD when they heard screaming

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Officers with IMPD were dispatched to an apartment Tuesday night after neighbors called police to say they heard screaming.

Thankfully, no one was harmed, but the residents did have another issue – a mouse!

IUPUI student Macy Gillogly shares an apartment with her twin sister Hannah. Macy told FOX59 they were sitting in the living room watching Netflix and doing homework when they saw a mouse run in front of the TV. She said they both screamed because they had never seen a mouse in their home.

They decided to ignore it and get traps in the morning since it was late. But then someone knocked on their door.

An IMPD officer told the girls a neighbor called dispatch after hearing screams. The Gillogly girls apologized and told the officer they saw a mouse in their apartment.

One of the officers put on gloves and said he would catch it for them because he always catches them in his barn. It ony took the officer 10 minutes to corner and catch the mouse.

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