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HENDRICKS COUNTY – The Hendricks County probation department is cracking down on their clients and keeping a close eye on high-risk offenders. The team has already found multiple violations that sent two clients back to jail. FOX59 went along with the field team as they busted another sex offender for a violation.

“There is going to be pornography on both of these devices,” said Hendricks County Probation Field Officer Ben Neureiter.

Field officers found a smartphone and a tablet Thursday at the home of a registered sex offender in Brownsburg.

“We found the devices when we walked in and when you find the devices you ask them if it has internet access. If it does, then you do a quick search,” said Neureiter.

The woman in question is just one of 58 sex offenders on probation that officers are checking on in Hendricks County. Authorities say she is now one of three sex offenders busted in the past two weeks for having a device with access to the internet and pornography, both violations of their probation.

“If there is pornography on it then we file a violation with the court and notify them and keep the devices,” said Neureiter.

Just last Friday, an anonymous tip led police to the home of a 20-year-old sex offender who is now back behind bars. Police say he was using Skype to talk with underage girls.

“We had received a phone call that he was having contact with 15 and 16-year-olds. We went out and got his cell phones, his computer, and he had sex toys,” said Neureiter.

Although the probation officers check in with all of their clients in the county, they keep a close eye on the people who have had sexual offenses because officers say they have a higher chance of re-offending.

“It increases public safety and we are doing our job better. We are more productive,” said Chief Hendricks County Probation officer Susan Bentley.

It is not just a crackdown on sex offenders, but a push to make sure the department is meeting state standards.

“You never know what you are walking into and nine out of ten times, people are in compliance and doing what they are supposed to be doing. That is what we hope to find,” said Bentley.