Officers handing out warnings, trying to get trucks off Keystone Parkway

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CARMEL, Ind. (April 15, 2016) — Police officers are working to move large vehicles off of a heavily traveled road, now that construction nearby is ending.

Carmel police, including Master Patrolman Scott Spillman, have been doing extra patrols since last week.

“Within an hour, hour and a half, six to eight that I’ll find,” Spillman said.

The city of Carmel just re-instituted its ban on vehicles over 19,500 pounds on Keystone Parkway. The ban, which went into effect in 2008, was temporarily lifted while US31 was under construction.

Since that construction has lasted for years, officers have noticed that many trucks, buses and other banned vehicles have yet to get the message to move back to their old route.

“A lot of times word of mouth will help along with a little bit of enforcement,” Carmel Police Lt. Joe Bickel said.

FOX59 followed Spillman as he handed out warnings Friday. The department plans to keep issuing only warnings until they see traffic decrease, then they could hand out tickets up $500.

There is an exemption for trucks making local deliveries along Keystone.

Still, it took only minutes to find vehicles, including semi trucks and buses, illegally using the road.

Most drivers told Spillman they were following GPS or had been using the route for “years,” saying they didn’t know it was now banned.

“We’re educating them to start using US31,” Spillman said.

There are signs along the route, on both ends, but they are not being noticed by many drivers thus far. Spillman said the more he and fellow officers talk to drivers, the faster word will spread.

Carmel police also tell FOX59 that drivers who notice trucks using the road as a pass through can call their non-emergency number to report it.

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