Officials: Business is booming in Westfield

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WESTFIELD, Ind. (Nov. 20, 2014)– Mayor Andy Cook addressed a crowd of city leaders as well as business owners on Thursday to update them on the state of the city.

Mayor Cook praised the amount of development they have had in Westfield. He said they have worked on Westfield’s identity for about 4 years and coming up with a plan.

“We’re really attempting to do a couple (of things). (We want to) create a very unique and profitable environment for our businesses and (secondly we want) to create a hugely family oriented environment,” Mayor Cook said.

The mayor is proud of Grand Park. Visitors can find it off US 31. It is a large sports facility. Cook said the number of visitors nearly tripled than what they predicted. Cook admitted that not everyone agrees with the projects.

“Of course not. There are always those that say it won’t work or it’s too much money and to that I say you know in today’s urban environment, you have to move ahead and if you don’t, you die. And, we can see that throughout Indiana –everyday. You drive through a lot of small towns and cities in Indiana God love them, but their downtowns are boarded up and there’s nothing, but tumbleweeds and jackrabbits,” Mayor Cook said.

During his presentation, he told city leaders and business owners Westfield has seen more growth recently than Fishers, Carmel, and Noblesville. Mayor Cook said they offer different services than their sister cities.

“I think we have looked for an identity and we have at least -at this point- identified as being the sports capital and for us right now that’s our focus,” Eric Lohe said.

Jon Wright, one of the co-owners of Greek’s Pizzeria said he was happy he chose to open his business in Westfield. He opened his business in September. He said he sees a lot of the potential because of a future protect known as the Grand Junction. It will be the next big project, which includes trails, restaurants, festivals, and special events.

“Where we are will be really dependent on the Grand Junction Park –some of the things happening there, but even before all that –business has been pretty well. People have found us,” Wright said.

Mayor Cook said their public safety is in a good position as well as he recognized the city for its fiscal strength.

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