Indianapolis officials discuss terror threats ahead of Fourth of July events

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INDIANAPOLIS (June 29, 2015) — After a series of terror attacks on three different continents, federal authorities have reportedly warned local law enforcement officials about potential non-specific terror threats involving the Fourth of July holiday.

“Everyone should be vigilant over the fourth of July weekend,” said Rep. Luke Messer, R-Ind. “Of course, terrorism is about trying to create fear and what we have to do as Americans is stand up to that and go about our daily business, but while you’re celebrating be vigilant.”

Here in Indianapolis, there are a number of big events on the Fourth of July, including the fireworks downtown and the big Rolling Stones concert at IMS, where officials say security is a top priority.

“We’ve got great relationships with local law enforcement, all the way up to federal agencies,” said IMS president Doug Boles. “We’ve been in constant contact with them related to security and to make sure our fans are safe here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.”

“We all need to take it very seriously,” said Messer.

“I think we’ll be in pretty good shape,” said Boles. “One of the things that’s different from our race events is you can’t bring a cooler in, so we don’t have that issue of making sure we’re checking every cooler and the ability for someone to bring something in inside a cooler, so that’s one less thing we have to worry about. We’re working with law enforcement to make sure we’re prepared for 50,000 plus people to be here on the fourth of July.”

You can find more info about the concert , and see more of our interview with Messer on this week’s edition of IN Focus, Sunday morning at 9:30 on FOX59.

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