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Police have two people in custody for questioning following the deadly explosion on the city’s south side.

Fox59 has confirmed Bob Leonard and David Gill are being questioned by police.

Officials confirmed Tuesday that gas was intentionally released into a home at the center of the investigation. The resulting explosion killed two Richmond Hill residents and injured seven others.

Sources indicate to Fox59 News that the meter was in tact and data was recovered from it. The data revealed there was a surge of gas introduced into the house the day of the explosion.

Additionally, neighbors said they saw a white van that belonged to Mark Leonard, boyfriend of homeowner Moncy Shirley, pull up to the home the day of the explosion. Two unknown men were spotted walking quickly away from the home.

One of the men who was taken into custody Tuesday was picked up in the 4100 block of Rybolt. The other man was taken into custody at Glen Highland Heights Trailer Park on Foltz Road. Fox59 has learned police are looking for a third person to bring into custody for questioning.

Police conducted a search warrant at the home of one of the men taken in for questioning. Neighbors said police took golf clubs, gun shells and an artillery box.

Monday, officials announced they were turning the investigation into a homicide investigation.