Officials hold workshops to help Hoosiers outsmart scammers

Hang up! BBB warns of scammers calling Hoosiers about computer issues

Lindy Thackston explains how scammers may be trying to gain access to your computer.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 4, 2015)– It’s an alarming and escalating problem in Indiana: More and more Hoosiers are victims of frauds and scams. You may be more at risk than you think.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, along with AARP Indiana and Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, are hosting free scam prevention workshops.

Right now, the IRS scam is one of the most popular scams targeting more than 600 Hoosiers already this year.

Criminals impersonate the IRS and use fear to get your cash.

Experts say your best bet is to be wary:

“Anything that comes to you directly, knock on your door, email or phone call. That is a red flag. We tell people to see how fast they can hang up,” said Zoeller.

Indianapolis resident Lisa Thomas is concerned about fraud and scammers, especially those on the internet.

“All the time I get emails, $100 free clothes card. I may open it, but never open the link. I am new to Facebook and got on a couple of months ago and all issues about putting too much information about social media, and I want to take care and protect myself,” said Thomas.

Another tip is to use a gel pen when writing checks because that ink can’t be washed off a check by scammers.

Seniors tend to be the most trusting of those shady calls and emails. Plus, scammers go after seniors for their life savings.

“If you don`t protect yourself, it is pretty devastating. It could take years and thousands of dollars to get that mess cleaned up,” said June Lyle with AARP Indiana.

For tips on guarding against scams and to sign up for the Attorney General`s Fraud Alert program, click here.

The next scam prevention event is May 14 at Butler University.

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