ONLY ON FOX59: Stolen Purple Heart medal replaced

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (June 21, 2014) — An Indianapolis woman whose late husband’s Purple Heart was stolen when her home was burglarized has been replaced.

Linda Duncan, and her daughter Susie Gibson, were greeted by members of Congressman Andre Carson’s office who delivered the replacement medal. It was stolen when the Duncan’s home was burglarized last October. The medal was awarded to Cleon Duncan after he was shot during World War II.

“My dad lived and died breathing military, he was always a military man, and the service was the world to him,” Gibson said.

Duncan said her father kept his love for the military close by, right up to his dying day. So think how devastating it was when burglars stole the medal.

“It would have killed him, because it wasn’t just a Purple Heart, it meant so much more to him,” Gibson said.

The story reached those on Capitol Hill, in particular, Congressman Andre Carson. When he found out what happened, he said he knew he had to get a replacement quickly.

“It wasn’t very difficult on our side, and I think the story is so compelling, who would not be moved to do something like this,” Carson said.

“We now have Dad’s Purple Heart, so, it’s gonna go in the safe with the rest of Dad’s ribbons and awards. They didn’t go through that, thank goodness.”

Indianapolis Metropolitan police officers haven’t made any arrests in this case.

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