Only on Fox59: Police searching for teens throwing rocks at cars

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Police are searching for a group of young people who have been throwing large rocks at vehicles as drivers drive down the street on the west side of Indianapolis.

Several cars have been damaged and officers say drivers could have been seriously hurt or killed by the large rocks, some of which measured six inches in diameter.

Several drivers reported damage on both Sunday and Monday night.

“You’re just driving along Holt Road and all of a sudden your windshield is busted out,” said Rory Thomas, whose SUV was damaged on Monday night.

Thomas said his son and daughter-in-law were driving his car down Holt Road, when two large rocks hit them before they knew what had happened. Thomas said his son saw three to four kids run from the area, but by the time he could get out of the car all he could find were the rocks on the road.

“You know, to me it’s a deadly object,” said Jill Thomas, pointing at some of the rocks that struck the SUV, cracking the windshield and denting the top of the passenger side door.

“My daughter-in-law was sitting here with the window down,” said Jill Thomas. “Thank God that it didn’t hit any lower because it could have hit her in the side of the head.”

Witnesses saw the kids run back toward the apartment complex next door. Rory Thomas said he can’t understand why the kids would do something so extreme.

“If that would hit somebody in the side of their head and not expect it, that could kill them instantly,” he said.

Police took two reports on the incidents, but in each case, several cars were reportedly impacted.

“They had already hit a truck, they hit an SUV and they hit our vehicle,” Rory Thomas said, referring to the incident on Monday night.

“We’re doing everything we can to step up patrols in that area,” said Public Information Officer Christopher Wilburn. “You can kill somebody.”

Police are asking the public to be aware and call 911 if they see kids gathered near bridges on Holt Road. They also have a message for parents.

“These acts can lead to bigger things, obviously, but we want to make sure that the parents are aware that they can be held liable criminally,” officer Wilburn said.

While they search for who is responsible, the Thomas family is left to wonder what if.

“What if that would have been worse?” said Jill Thomas. “What if that would have come right through the windshield? You know, what if that would have been a child?”

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