‘Only thing I could do was help her’: Fort Wayne nurse’s aide helps save neighbor’s life after domestic violence shooting


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A Fort Wayne certified nurses aide took the saying “love thy neighbor” above and beyond. The CNA found her neighbor who police say was shot by her boyfriend and helped take care of her until medics arrived.

Now the victim’s family is speaking out, meeting and thanking the woman they say saved their sisters life.

“She is someone who loved her enough to love a stranger and just save her life,” sister-in-law Tracy Webb said. “She’s our angel.”

Shana Davis photo couresy of Webb family.

On Sunday, Shana Davis arrived home from a trip from visiting her brother when her boyfriend, Nicholas Mitchell accused her of cheating. Davis had pulled into their Carrington Pointe home when Mitchell used his car door to hit her car and then shot her multiple times. Davis fell into the Chippenham Drive in front of her and Mitchell’s home and hit her car alarm.

The shoots and the car alarm led nearby neighbor Laura “LJ” Sharp to step outside and look around at 9:54 p.m., Sunday night. Sharp’s home surveillance footage shows the shooting and the moment that happened soon after.

“I ran over,” Laura Sharp said. “It was a really bad scene. I wasn’t sure what to do how to do it. When I got close Nick saw me, dropped the gun, and backed away. I see her on the ground and the only thing I could do was help her.”

That’s when Laura Sharp said she went into nurse mode. She started to talk to Davis and tend to her wounds.

“I was ordering neighbors to give me their shirts, sorry neighbors,” Laura Sharp said. “I need shirts, I needed anything, I pressed as hard as I could. I asked her what her name was. I told her my name. I made her look at my wrist. I’m LJ. What’s my name?”

While Laura Sharp was caring for Davis, her husband Shaun, called 911. Laura Sharp says that the whole time Mitchell was pacing back and forth and that the gun was directly behind her.

“I did everything that I could so if I had to grab that gun and use it I know I could,” Laura Sharp said. “I was telling him to calm down and then I’d tell her, ‘Breathe, baby girl, breathe. We can get drinks after.'”

About 4 to 6 minutes later the Sharps say cops arrived, point an assault rifle at Mitchell, and took him into custody. Laura Sharp says she asked paramedics to let her go with Davis but was denied.

Laura Sharp then went for Davis’ phone and called her family.

One of those family members was Mike and Tracy Webb, Davis’ sister and brother-in-law who were at home in Minnesota, oblivious to what was going on.

“Panic set in,” Davis’ sister Mike Webb said. “Nobody knew her condition and we couldn’t get more information.”

The Webbs said say hearing that their loved was shot was shocking. They said Davis and Mitchell had been a couple for more than two years and that Davis never said anything bad about Mitchell.

Mike Webbs says he had last spoke and saw his sister the Saturday before the shooting. Davis had drove up to meet Webbs to give him her dog to babysit while she was working. Mike Webb says that her sister was not a cheater and was not cheating like Mitchell claimed.

After recieving the call about Davis they made the trip down to Indiana.

The Webbs say they had trouble getting information from police and after calling the Allen County Prosceutors Office was able to connect them to the hosptial where Davis was being treated.

Davis, while stable is still in the hospital. According to the Webbs shes undergone several surgeries and doctors say she may never regain function of one of her arms. They say that Davis is still in shock and fully believes she will be back to driving her semi truck.

During the interview with WANE 15 the Webbs were emotional and could not stop thanking Laura Sharp for her “herioic acts.”

The Webbs (left) and the Sharps (right) standing in front of Davis’ home.

“She’s our angel,” Tracy Webb said. “They are family now. They are. And I hope that justice is served in this state because so far I haven’t seen any yet. I’ve seen compassion. I have seen kindness in this state.”

The Sharps feel the same way calling the Webbs family. The families have even made plans to spend time and Christmas in Minnesota once Davis is out of the hospital.

“Shana is my blood sister,” Laura Sharp said. “We are family now. There’s just that strong bond now.”

Laura Sharp says the one thing she wants viewers to take away from her story is to be kind and show compasion. She hopes that instead of making negative comments on social media or talking down about the situation people should be asking how everyone is.

The Webbs say they are thankful to the Sharps and the men and woman caring for Davis.

Mitchell has been released on bond and is under a monitored conditional release. He has been charged with domestic battery resulting in serious bodily injury and domestic battery by means of a deadly weapon. Both are Level 5 felonies. A Level 5 felony carries a penalty anywhere from 1 to 6 years in prision and a fine of up to $10,000 dollars.

He is scheduled to be in court for a hearing Thursday, July 29.

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