‘Operation Legend’ success leads to clergy leaders wanting an extension of the program


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INDIANAPOLIS– The City of Peace Coalition is hoping Operation Legend sticks around until the end of year to help combat crime in Indianapolis.

The federal initiative kicked off on Aug. 14 and as a result, dozens of people are facing federal charges.

This year, Indianapolis has seen a lot of violent crime. The city is on pace to break its homicide record by the end of October.

Aaron Williams, director of Peace In The Streets, found the reasons behind the violence as devastating as the numbers.

“They are over a parking space. They are over someone steeping on someone’s shoes or just social media arguments,” Williams explained.

Williams is grateful for the federal support from Operation Legend. Local and federal officials working to get illegal and unlawful guns off the street.

“We know there were some specific areas that were targeted and were successful,” Williams said.

It was so successful he wants the operation to continue.

“We know once they leave some folks will come back from out of hiding,” Williams said

In just about 35 days, the operation has led to the arrest of more than 30 people.

“It’s because of the cooperation of the community that our federal partners have been successful. We want to see a continuation of that,” Williams added.

Williams feels with more time the operation can make an even bigger impact.

“We would hope that they would not only grant us that extension, but also come back to the table and say how can we prevent this from happening again in 2021?” Williams said.

The coalition is already talking with individuals who represent us in the Senate and U.S. Congress about the initiative.

They’re asking them to write a letter of support, so “Operation Legend” can stay around longer.

Williams said  money and a commitment from the Department of Justice will be what it takes for the operation to stay around longer.

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