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PLAINFIELD, Ind. — Nearly a week after a fire broke out at a Walmart distribution center in Plainfield, operations at its adjacent location have resumed.

The fire happened at the Walmart Distribution Center and eCommerce Fulfillment Center IND1 located at 9590 AllPoints Parkway in Plainfield. Fire crews were at the scene until Saturday afternoon dealing with hot spots in the area.

With the fire crews gone, traffic has reopened in the area and the Walmart location located at 9560 AllPoints Parkway was able to resume operations.

“Thanks to the work of response crews, law enforcement and Walmart‘s recovery team, our Plainfield Fulfillment Center, IND2, has resumed operations. Additionally, we’ve extended disaster benefits to those associates displaced by Wednesday’s fire at the IND1 Fulfillment Center.”

Charles Crowson, Director Corporate Communications for Walmart

Investigators are beginning their investigation into the IND1 location with the help of an ATF national response team (NRT). The NRT will work with local investigators to reconstruct the scene, identify the origin of a blast or fire, conduct interviews and sift through debris for evidence.

The team includes special agents with vital backgrounds in:

  • post-blast and fire origin-and-cause expertise
  • forensic chemists
  • explosives enforcement officers
  • fire protection engineers
  • accelerant detection canines
  • explosives detection canines
  • intelligence support
  • computer forensic support
  • audit support