Ordinance to require reporting stolen guns within 48 hours passes, Mayor Ballard could veto


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 14, 2015)– A controversial gun ordinance passed out of the Indianapolis City County Council Monday by a slim margin, a vote of 15 to 14, mainly along party lines.

The ordinance looks to cut down on illegal gun use, by forcing people who have a gun stolen or lost, to report it to IMPD within 48 hours.

It’s controversial because state law prohibits local governments from controlling gun laws. Some attorneys have said they think the Indianapolis ordinance will likely be challenged by the state.

Democrats who voted for the ordinance though do not think they’ll encounter much opposition.

“Any gun manufacturer seller, probably if someone breaks into the fairgrounds when they’re having a gun sale and takes a truck load of guns, I guarantee you it would be reported to the police because the person that takes a gun without your knowledge or consent or permission is probably going to use it improperly,” said Councilor William Oliver (D – District 10).

At-large Councilor Kip Tew says the proposal doesn’t violate state code and doesn’t hold the city liable.

“I’m going to try to pass it and force the mayor to deal with it because I think it’s a good idea, IMPD testified in committee that it would helpful,” said Tew.

Some councilors believe Mayor Ballard will veto the proposal. Council does have the chance though to override his veto.

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