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INDIANAPOLIS — The Central Indiana K9 Association is honoring National K-9 Veterans Day.

It was on March 13th, 1942 when the Army began training for its new war dog program. Now, the day marks all the sacrifices of military and law enforcement K9s.

“It’s just a huge affair for us because it’s the one day we really get to point out the duty and the wonderful service that working dogs, especially K-9s with our military and our law enforcement serve for us every day,” said Theresa Brandon, Co-Founder of the Central Indiana K9 Association.

“These dogs, they work for us, their our buddies, they don’t ask a lot of questions, and what we tell them to do, they don’t realize they’re going into dangerous situations a lot of time so we owe it to them in their retirement to make sure their life is extended and they can live out a long happy life in retirement,” said Kyle Schaefer, Co-Founder of the Central Indiana K9 Association.

The Central Indiana K-9 Association is a non-profit that assists, trains and honors K-9 working dogs. It also is behind the Shadow Fund, supporting retired K-9s through grants for their medical treatment.