Orlando shooting heightens call for active shooter preparedness in Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – “Soft targets” like the Pulse nightclub in Orlando are being called emerging threats by those in homeland security, and those threats exist in Indiana and nationwide.

So the question remains, what simple actions can you take to protect yourself?

Indiana State Police tell us locating exits and remembering where they are is a fast step that could save your life.

“A simple plan is going to substantially increase your chance of survival in a violent encounter,” said Sgt John Perrine, with Indiana State Police.

Perrine said when you start doing this, you will quickly make it a habit.

“Once you do it consciously several times, it almost becomes a subconscious thing that you’ll do,” he said.

Indiana State Police provide active shooter training programs for schools, businesses, and churches. There are three strategies for surviving an active shooter attack: Run, fight, hide.

Perrine said if you’re running, make sure you know where the threat is and run away from that.

“If I don’t know where the violence is, I might be running into the violence,” he said.

“If we see continued attacks like this, I think it would be appropriate for the FBI director James Comey to seek additional resources, as I imagine he will,” said John Pistole.

Pistole is president of Anderson University, the former head of counter-terrorism for the FBI and a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Committee.

He said the FBI will talk to thousands of people each year, determining whether or not they pose a threat. In light of the Orlando massacre, he urges vigilance.

“The bottom line is you can’t prevent everything bad from happening, so how do you minimize, mitigate risk to yourself and loved ones,” he said.

You can get more information about Indiana State Police’s active shooter training here.

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