‘Our hotel market is built for conventions’ new hotels will soon be ready for the return of conventions


INDIANAPOLIS — Public conventions return to the downtown scene Tuesday, June 22 with the Sweets & Snacks Expo and the city of Indianapolis is ready for the added business brought by the extra tourists.

Leaders in the city’s tourism industry say this convention is a sign of good things to come as Indy is poised to have even more big name conventions coming in the near future. 

“We rely on business travel and business conventions so the fact that a business trade association convention is coming back to town is great news,” President & CEO of the Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association Patrick Tamm said. “It will be a great shot in the arm.”

Even better news, it was taken from a competing midwestern neighbor. 

“We stole it outta Chicago, Visit Indy and the city did a great job with this, but it also shows our hotels are open. It does give us some business during the week,” Tamm said. “We rely more on group business, or we did rely more on group business before the pandemic, than any other market in the country. But we also have that type of business because we’re the best at it. Our hotel market is built for conventions – it’s very significant.”

With even more hotels opening soon.

“There’s so much that’s happening that’s going to bring people to this area – so although we’re a construction site right now and open, next year all those events we expect to have those travelers here and walking through our door,” General Manager of the upcoming Jocelyn Kraus said. “We are a lifestyle, boutique hotel so we will be 90 rooms so we will be a smaller hotel that has the offerings.”

New developments like Hotel Indy and others popping up throughout the city will soon greet convention goers with plenty of options be that larger scale, convention, headquarters hotels or smaller boutique sized hotels like Hotel Indy. 

“We really feel strongly that we’re gonna offer something so unique in this area that the people of the city of Indianapolis as well as travelers in the area, will want to come visit and see us,” Kraus said. “With the first rooftop bar in the downtown area and plenty of other unique features – it’ll be a must-see experience.”

Hotel Indy is located at the corner of Delaware Street and East Washington Street – it’ll open October of 2021 with an onsite job fair coming in September. 

“Conventions are a huge part of Indianapolis and the city of Indianapolis. Before the pandemic over 83,000 members of the community relied on tourism for their income,” Kraus said. “With the opening of the Hotel Indy soon, we’ll be able to hire some of those individuals back into the hospitality industry.”

And if the future of the Hotel Indy construction site is anything like the promise of more conventions – the best, for the city, is yet to come. 

“We have a phenomenal facility, we have phenomenal people, but it really comes down to one thing and it’s Hoosier hospitality,” Tamm said. “We’re going after events right now this week in other communities that are hosting things and we’re gonna win those bids.”

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