INDIANAPOLIS – While today’s excessive heat warning might have kept many people indoors, only some get to make that choice.

Landscapers, roofers and construction workers are just some of the people who must punch the clock, even in record heat.

“The heat is starting to kick in, but we clean inside and outside. So, I get the balance of getting some a/c,” said Trae Williams with Fish Window Cleaning.

It’s another day on the job for people who work outdoors like Williams.

Williams said to avoid getting sick from the heat, he takes multiple breaks.

“It’s not worth passing out or having any heat stroke or anything. So, listen to your body and know if you’re dehydrated,” said Williams.

He said his team at Fish Window Cleaning has safety meetings every week.

“We have weekly safety meetings, so they push us to stay hydrated and do anything to ensure the heat does not get to us,” said Williams.

Some companies have resorted to sending employees home due to the excessive heat. That is exactly what Adam Kaminski with Indy Roof Company did today as the company prioritizes the safety of its employees.

“Earlier this week, a guy started to feel a little dizzy. We gave him some longer breaks, and that’s when we went ahead and made the call to send everyone home,” said Kaminski.

He estimates it’s at least 20 degrees hotter on the roof than on the ground.

“It could be 90 degrees, but on the asphalt is about 150 degrees, and that’s hot,” said Kaminski.

Kaminski said employees know how to recognize symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and how to respond.

He said until it cools down, crews will be taking it easy.

“We will do some activities in the morning and stop from around noon to 5:30 pm, then do some things in the afternoon,” said Kaminski.