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INDIANAPOLIS — Poor living conditions continue to plague residents at a Perry Township apartment complex. In February, they had their water turned off, and now their trash isn’t being picked up.

“They won’t pick up the trash. It was flowing over all over the ground,” said Barbara Mundy, a resident of Berkley Commons Apartments for more than three years. “I also have a hole in my ceiling master bedroom that is leaking.”

Pictures of the dumpsters from earlier in the week show trash spewing from the top, and garbage littering the areas around it. Residents say crews came by Monday to clean up the trash that was in the street, but the dumpsters remain full. The containers have been removed from their fenced in locations. Some of the dumpsters even protrude into the streets. Residents fear the issue will only continue.

These residents had their water shut off in mid-February. The property owners owed $1.5 million in unpaid bills to Citizens Energy. The city had to step in to get the water back on.

“There’s people who work just to pay their bills. They don’t have money to do other things,” said resident Kat Maldonado.

The Marion County Health Department has received two complaints about the trash. They say they sent an inspector on Monday afternoon, and the garbage was being picked up by trucks as the inspector arrived, so no violation was issued.

Republic Waste Management oversees trash at the complex. We are reaching out to them to better understand what is going on. We will update this story when we make that connection.