Owner still looking for justice after dog’s death

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An Indianapolis family is certain a next door neighbor shot and killed their dog, but investigators say they don’t have enough evidence and the case is now closed with no arrests.

“It’s tough. He was really close to the family,” sais Johnathan Pharis, who previously owned a small Jack Russell Terrier mix named Diesel. “He was a very good dog.”

Pharis says the only thing his dog wasn’t good at was staying in the yard. After getting out through a hole in the fence several times, Pharis says his cousin down the street offered to take ownership of Diesel.

A few days later, after Diesel escaped one more time, Pharis says a neighbor got upset about the dog getting into his garbage.

“He told (my aunt) that he was going to shoot the dog with a .22,” Pharis said. “You know she just ignored it, you know, and then the next day we find him dead.”

The family contacted Indianapolis Animal Care and Control..

“There was a spot on the back of the dog’s neck,” said Dan Shackle, Administrator for Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. “A small hole that had a very small amount of blood trickling out of it, but that’s all that was observed.”

Shackle says they didn’t find an exit wound on the dog and can’t say whether a bullet really killed Diesel.

“Our officers aren’t qualified to determine the forensics of bullet wounds,” Shackle said.

Though officers did visit the neighbors, the two men who lived in the home denied shooting the dog. Without any further evidence the investigator closed the case.

“Ultimately this comes down to a case of he said, she said,” Shackle said.

“A guy says he’s going to shoot the dog and then a day later there’s a hole in our dog’s body and the dog is dead,” Pharis said. “I mean, if you put two and two together… it makes common sense that that’s why our dog is dead because someone shot him.”

Fox 59 News visited the home of the neighbors allegedly involved in the threat against the dog. They did not answer the door.

Animal Care and Control advises anyone who has received a threat towards their animal to take it seriously and report it to police before it escalates.

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