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INDIANAPOLIS,In (Sep. 9, 2014)– A picture taken by Indiana Pacers star Roy Hibbert caught an IMPD officer going above and beyond the call of duty.

An unidentified IMPD officer was stopped at a red light  at 30th street off Interstate I-65, when he saw Fred holding a cardboard sign on the side of the road.

“He rolled up, stopped and he sat in the car, so I just knew he was getting his ticket book,” said Fred.

The officer didn’t stop to write a ticket, rather he went into his trunk and gave Fred an old pair of work boots.

“I really appreciate you sir,” said Fred.

Coincidentally, Hibbert was also stopped at that intersection.  He took a picture and posted it to his twitter and instagram accounts.  The photo went viral in a matter of minutes.

“It makes me feel good. It means people really like what I’m doing,” said Fred.

However, there was just one problem, the boots were a size 10 and Fred wears a size 15. Fred gave the boots to his friend Essecks Skates.  Skates is also homeless.

“Most people think cops are bad people but they aren’t, they are like everyone else. Everyone has a kind heart and you just got to let it show,” said Essecks.

Andrea De Mink, executive director of PourHouse, a street outreach program that tries to build connections between police and the homeless.

“It was such an awesome thing that he did and it was so kind and considerate.  The officer viewed him as a human being which is how we all should,” said De Mink.

Currently, IMPD has a homeless outreach unit comprised of five officers. De Mink works closely with the unit which is why she says the picture didn’t come as a surprise

“I think so many times people who are staying on the street feel like they are invisible to people walking by.  This officer made that man feel visible,” said De Mink

The IMPD officer who donated the shoes has not come forward and a spokesperson with IMPD says they have not identified him yet.