Paintball gun war escalates around Indy with series of early morning shootings

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An apparent paintball gun war continues to escalate around Indianapolis.

In less than 90 minutes Wednesday morning, police took three reports of people and property being shot with paintball guns.

A smudge of blue ink on the door of a liquor store shows where someone opened fire with a paintball gun while driving past a parking lot on east Raymond Street.

“I heard a ‘pop, pop, pop.’ I felt something whiz by me, so I jumped up,” said Brandy Norris.

Brandy says she turned to run for cover when a paintball bruised her arm.

“I didn’t know if it was a paintball gun or a BB gun. It just hurt,” said Norris.

Just a few minutes earlier, police say a taco truck near Madison and Thompson was shot five times with blue paintballs and a short time later another man was shot twice by paintballs at Troy and Shelby.

“To me, it seems heartless they are out shooting random people,” said Norris.

It’s a crime police and prosecutors have seen a lot in recent weeks and are trying to stop.

Police have taken several reports on the north and northwest side of town of homes and cars shot with paintball guns, while the overnight crimes took place on the south and southeast sides.

“We’re going to take this serious because someone could be very, very seriously injured,” said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry.

Last week, Prosecutor Curry charged Avery Bullock with battery with a deadly weapon after police claim Bullock shot a 60-year-old military veteran in the face and neck with a paintball gun near 35th and Graceland.

Prosecutor Curry promised anyone caught shooting paintball guns will be punished.

“Just be on notice, we’re not going to tolerate this,” said Curry.

“Quit it. Knock it off. You might think it’s fun. It’s not fun. It wasn’t fun for me. My arm still hurts,” said Norris. “I think it’s nonsense. It’s dangerous.”

No arrests were made in any of the three cases, but as always anyone with information on suspects can contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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