Pair arrested after Greenwood drug bust

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GREENWOOD – Greenwood police arrested two people after getting a tip about a possible meth lab in a garage.

Police received the tip late Sunday night about the possible lab on Averitt Road, but their first stop wasn’t the right one. According to police, they showed up the house and were met by a surprised homeowner who “couldn’t help but laugh” at the anonymous complaint. The homeowner let police inspect his garage, and officers found “absolutely no signs of illegal activity.”

Police said the tipster provided them with some names, so they checked addresses in the area and found a match at a different residence on Averitt Road, according to a report from the Greenwood Police Department.

Inside that home, they found a woman, later identified as 28-year-old Jowelle Borje-Burdine, sleeping on the couch. After the woman opened the door, police observed drug paraphernalia including pipes and rolling papers. They also smelled marijuana. Police asked the woman if anyone else was inside the house, and she led police to a bedroom where a man was asleep. Police later identified him as 29-year-old Charles “Blake” Dawson.

Officers observed a “plastic tray shoved halfway under the couch” and “glass pipes commonly used for smoking narcotics.” They told the pair about the meth lab allegation, though they “were hesitant to say anything” about it, according to the report.

Borje-Burdine and Dawson signed a “consent to search” form, and officers began looking through the home. They found glass vials “with white powder residue” and a marijuana grinder. They also found what appeared to be a bag of marijuana in a handbag. Officers next focused on the garage, asking the pair if there was anything that could be dangerous inside. Dawson told them “not to touch the glass bottles in the cabinet next to the dresser drawers.”

Inside the garage, officers found a double burner commonly used in the manufacturing of meth. Other materials included coffee filters, filtered breathing masks, rubber gloves, lab equipment, plastic tubes and glass jars with white residue.

Police then called the Indiana State Police Meth Unit to log the materials and remove the chemicals.

Officers arrested the pair on several drug-related charges.

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