Pair of civil lawsuits are filed against an IMPD officer following a deadly crash and use of force incident


INDIANAPOLIS — The family of a man killed in a crash by an on-duty IMPD officer has filed a civil lawsuit against the officer and the city.

Court records show the same officer has also been named in another high profile lawsuit.

The death took place just before midnight on Easter when a man was walking home from work and was hit and killed by the officer’s squad car on Kentucky Avenue.

The victim had been walking along the edge of the median and was tossed into the grass along Kentucky, where he died.

“I still break down like it just happened yesterday. That was my baby boy. He was a momma’s boy,” said the victim’s mother Marsha Tinsley.

The victim, Marcel Pulluaim, leaves behind not just a grieving mother, but also three young boys.

“It’s just been so sad every day,” said Tinsley.

“They ask about their daddy every day, like where’s my daddy at you know,” said the victim’s brother DeAndre Tinsley.

Investigators blamed poor visibility due to weather for the crash, but a civil lawsuit filed by Pulluaim’s family claims the officer, Conrad Simpson, was speeding and driving carelessly at the time.

“I just want closure and really want to know what happened,” said Marsha.

Pulluaim’s family believes IMPD is hiding the facts of the case because they sent a 30-page report that was nothing but blank ink and presented that as evidence to their attorney.

“It’s like the truth has been covered up and so something is kind of fishy about the story,” said the victim’s aunt Cassandra Holbrook.

It turns out, officer Simpson has also been named in a second civil lawsuit which accuses four IMPD officers of using excessive force against two women during an arrest in May. Officer Simpson was not indicted by the grand jury for criminal charges in that case.

Despite the pair of civil lawsuits, officer Simpson remains on full active duty, which is upsetting to Pulluaim’s family.

“I think his badge should be taken away from him. I don’t think he should be a police officer,” said Holbrook.

“You know he’s right back out there. It could happen to somebody else,” said DeAndre. “I believe everybody should be held accountable for their actions you know.”

Officer Simpson’s attorney said out of respect to the legal process he had no comment on the story.

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