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FRANKLIN, Ind. – In less than a minute, a pair of women stole close to $2,000 in merchandise from a vape store. It happened shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday at All Day Vapes along South Morton Street.

Franklin police released surveillance video Thursday with the hopes of finding the two people in the video and anyone else responsible.

“They are covered up in hoodies, and wearing tennis shoes and capri running shorts,” said detective Scott Carter. “It was very surprising because we aren’t used to seeing two females work together like that in this type of burglary.”

Carter said the business had an alarm, but wasn’t turned on the night the thieves got inside. Police were told about the break-in Wednesday morning when the business owner went in to open the store and found the back door kicked-in and merchandise missing.

“They got specific product which tells me that they are probably customers or probably had been in the store previously,” Carter said. “So that’s something we are also looking at.”

Carter said the back door was also under the watch of a camera, and said the two thieves were there for about 45 seconds. He said the video shows one woman putting a hammer inside a backpack, which both people were wearing over their stomachs to quickly stash vape juices and smoking devices.

“They were pretty efficient as far as having the backpack there,” Carter said. “Knew where the product was located, and in a low light situation, was able to get what they want and were out the door within 30 or 45 seconds.”

Next door at RNR Tire Express, the news of the burglary was alarming.

“We immediately grabbed some deadbolts to try to secure our doors a little bit better because you never know,” said general manager Aaron Kingsbury. “This always makes you feel a little more insecure when this happens, you feel a little more vulnerable.”

Police are asking for anyone with information to call the Franklin Police Department tip line at 317-346-1100.

The owner of All Day Vapes could not be reached for comment.