Pandemic altering holiday plans, not attitude, in Carmel


CARMEL, IND. — The pandemic may be hampering Hoosier freedoms, but it won’t claim their independence this weekend.

“The most important freedom is being able to live,” says Carmel Mayor Jim Brainerd speaking of the coronavirus, “It’s right there in the Declaration of Independence.”

People are doing what they can to keep traditions going as best as possible. Carmel canceled Carmelfest, which generally brings thousands of people to the city, but they will still hold fireworks for the Fourth.

“It’s been great, and we definitely would have been there,” says Adriana Segatta who recently moved to Carmel, but went to Carmelfest a few years ago, “Usually we spend [the Fourth] with family, but they are kind of out of state right now. It’s kind of weird I’m not a really big fan of FaceTime and digital communication.”

“We are going to have three fireworks displays across the city,” explains Mayor Brainerd, “The idea is everyone can see the fireworks at the same time from their backyards. We envision a lot of neighborhood parties, backyard parties.”

The show will begin at 9:45 Saturday night, and take place at Badger Field, Chase Court, and West Park. Mayor Jim Brainerd is encouraging people to wear masks when they are out and about. He says it’s patriotic.

“What we are doing when we wear a mask is looking out for our neighbor,” explains Mayor Brainerd.

“Maybe not necessarily trying to save your life, but other people’s lives who may have pre-existing conditions,” says Nathan Weaver who began his holiday weekend celebrating in Carmel, “Get a comfortable mask, I don’t think it’s necessarily weird, keeping people safe at least.”

The fireworks display is expected to last 20 minutes long and will be set to music broadcast on the Carmel High School radio station at 91.3 FM.

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