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(CNN) — A Hawaii couple has been charged with the murder of their adopted 6-year-old daughter, Isabella, known as “Ariel”.

The couple reported their daughter missing on September 13th, however, investigators believe that she was killed about a month earlier. Surveillance footage of the home shows her last appearance in the home being August 18th.

The parents, Isaac and Lehua Kalua, adopted and fostered several of Ariel’s siblings.

In an interview with the chief of police, one sibling told police that they were “asked to keep a secret by Lehua and Isaac about what happened to Ariel,” court documents say.

That same sibling also told police that Ariel was kept in a dog cage in the bathroom with duct tape on her mouth and nose and didn’t wake up. Lehua tried putting her in the bath tub to wake her up but that did not work, Ariel was no longer breathing.

The sibling told police the reason for the dog cage was that Ariel would sneak food at night. The family did not have a dog at the time.

The judge on the case denied bail and the Kalua’s are set to appear in court in-person on November 26th.