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GOSHEN, Ind. – The parents of children in Fairfield Community Schools are concerned about the sex education curriculum, saying the details are too graphic to teach, WSBT reports.

A Fairfield High School student told her mom about the material they were learning, so the woman asked the health teacher if she could see their workbook. That’s when she saw the details for herself first-hand.

Indiana Liberty Coalition’s Nicole Wottring said students were asked to define inappropriate details about sex, including “regular sex, anal sex, and oral sex.”

“Pages showed how it mentioned to the children the different types of lubrication that they could use when they engage in sexual activity,” Wottring said.

According to WSBT, parents gathered at the school board meeting last night to express their concerns.

The workbook also lists the choices women have when pregnant as keeping the child, adoption and abortion, WSBT reports.

According to the superintendent, parents must sign consent forms before students start using the workbook. Some parents say they never signed consent forms, and they were denied by the teacher when they asked to review the material.

The superintendent says at the end of the semester the teacher destroys the consent forms and workbooks to prevent cheating, so the parents asked if they do that for every subject.

“I understand that’s because of cheating, but do you do this for every subject? Is it done in every single subject? Because I’ve never. Final exams worksheets. Is it done with work sheets?” Wottring said.

The superintendent says in the future, consent forms will provide more details for parents about what subjects their children will learn.