Parents upset after fight breaks out at IPS school

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 14, 2105) – Parents of students at Arlington Community High School are upset after they say multiple fights broke out during the school day Thursday.

Parents told FOX59 the fights happened during the middle of the day and their children are now afraid to go to school.

IPS confirmed the incident to FOX59 saying middle school students (7th and 8th graders) were involved in the altercation at the high school.

IPS released a statement saying:

“A small group of middle school students engaged in a physical altercation at Arlington Community High School yesterday afternoon. As this occurred during a passing period, other students gathered in the area as staff members quickly responded and employed safe intervention methods. A few additional students became involved physically in the situation; no injuries beyond minor abrasions were reported. Arlington administrators and IPS Police are collaborating on an investigation to ensure appropriate disciplinary action is taken for those involved. We are proud of the staff members who took quick action to maintain a safe environment in the halls, and of the students who exercised respect and self control by avoiding the altercation.”

IPS also says the staff members followed the new physical intervention policy to ensure a safe conclusion to the situation.

Parents said there were multiple fights during the day, although IPS only confirmed one incident. Parents said the problems stem from new students being added to the school. IPS regained control of Arlington Community High School this year. Parents said the school is unorganized and chaotic.

“I have a son that doesn’t feel safe going to school and I just don’t feel like they’re giving us information about everything that’s going on,” said parent Simona Jordan.

Another parent said her son has special health needs the school hasn’t addressed. The mother also said her son’s schedule was switched without his knowledge.

“He feels unsafe up here. He come home everyday talking to me about the problem and the situation at school,” said parent Patrice Wilson.

IPS said there were no major injuries during the incident. They did not confirm if any students were arrested or charged during the incident.

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