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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – After researching security systems and measures, some Noblesville parents want new security in place at all the district’s schools. Their top choice is virtual command technology by NetTalon.

The system was piloted at Southwestern High School in rural Shelbyville, and is touted as the safest school in America.

“It’s a no brainer,” said Lisa Duell, a Noblesville parent. “And parents are powerful and when they can unite with their school board and their superintendent and give them the support that they need to get this in place.”

Duell said she and her husband have been doing research and talking to other parents who support the idea. She’s part of a group called, Save Our Students. The parents have already approached the Noblesville Schools board about installing the technology in the 10 schools.

She said the change would cost the district a little under $10 a month for five years.

“The threat has evolved into this,” said Duell. “This is the reality. We can choose to not acknowledge that and keep doing what we’ve always been doing. Or we can evolve with this threat and meet it head on. And take charge and protect our children and our educators.”

The security in Shelbyville has even made its way to the ears of President Donald Trump, who heard about the school from Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, who visited the White House in late February.

Duell adds the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines recommend the type of security virtual command technology provides.

“This is the standard for Indiana,” Duell said. “This is where Indiana and the Department of Homeland security wants us to be and we should be able to meet that.”

Another school district in Indiana will soon have the technology. Pike County School Corporation leaders made the decision earlier this year to have the technology installed.

Noblesville school leaders have their next meeting Tuesday, April 17.