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By James Gherardi

CHICAGO, Ill (Oct. 24, 2014)– Passengers on board the Megabus that crashed in greenwood last week held a press conference Friday, with new allegations towards the bus company.

The suit claims Megabus was negligent by allowing a bus the company knew had a mechanical failure, to transport passengers to Chicago.

Passengers suing Megabus claim the company as well as the driver never should have let this bus hit the road.  Conditions were wet, and according to the lawsuit, the driver and company knew the windshield wipers were broken.

Passengers claim the driver announced to those on board that the windshield wipers weren’t working and she was unable to see the road through the rain.  The bus had to be pulled over multiple times, the suit claims, to make attempts to fix those faulty wipers.

It was after those stops, passengers claim, the driver drove faster through the rain, to make up for lost time.

At a Friday’s press conference in Chicago two passengers recounted the moments on board as that bus rolled off the road, injuring dozens.

“I was awake and could feel the bus tip to the left side and dragging for some distance” said Dhileepkumar Sathiakumar.

Two passengers were added to the lawsuit, bringing the total to six.

The Megabus Associate Director of Corporate Affairs issued the following statement:

“ believes it is premature for anyone to comment on the cause of the accident while the investigation is ongoing. However, has no reason to believe that faulty wipers caused or contributed to the happening of this accident.”