Peacemakers celebrate Halloween by passing out candy, ambassador cards to kids


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Preventing crime in the city can be tricky. That is why this Halloween, one of Indy’s peacemakers talked to trick-or-treaters, hoping to recruit them into the “peace ambassadors” program.

Jeff Cottrell is a peacemaker for the city, and he did have a Halloween plan until the snow made him rework it.

“We’ll go out and just talk to family members, share what we do, we also wanted to hand out candy,” Cottrell said. “But unfortunately, the weather sort of put a damper on that.”

So, a quick change of venue led him to the annual Safe Night Halloween at fairgrounds. This gave hundreds of families an opportunity to get out of the weather and go trick or treating. But, it also gave the city an opportunity to talk to them about safety.

Seventh grade triplets Kania, Kamora and Anton Phillips are up for the challenge.

“If you ever see a kid, and you just think they’re crying or sad, check on them because you don’t know what they’re going through,” Kamora Phillips said. “You can try cheering them up.”

Kids seem to know all the answers.

“Before anything gets stronger, I think they should walk up to the commotion, try to calm them down, talk to them and figure stuff out,” Kania Phillips said.

Cottrell said he’s always looking for friendly faces like those at the Halloween event for peace ambassadors.

“I let them know that I will never forget your face so whenever I see you out in the community, and there’s some things going on, I’m going to remind you that you took this oath to be a peace ambassador,” Cottrell said.

Anton Phillips reminds everyone that kindness always matters.

“Be nice, spread the word about being nicer in your community and helping and being a friend to other kids,” Anton Phillips said.

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