Pendleton teens arrested for placing ‘Works bombs’ on doorsteps

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PENDLETON, Ind.– The five teenagers responsible for placing homemade bombs on Pendleton area porches are now facing charges.

One of them was caught on a home surveillance camera placing a drain cleaner bomb at one of two houses hit by the group Wednesday night.

“We live in a great neighborhood, wonderful neighbors, a safe community,” Lieutenant Darwin Dwinnings. “You don’t expect for break-ins or for kids being idiots, being ridiculous, those kind of things to be happening in your own neighborhood.”

A family member woken up by the explosion at 1 a.m. later posted the video on Facebook. It was shared nearly 18,000 times by Friday afternoon, including by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.

Lieutenant Dwinnings says he woke up to several messages, leading him to multiple suspects. He says some of the teenagers’ own parents turned them in.

Wendy Cook says she wanted the kids caught so they couldn’t continue to wreak havoc on her neighborhood. She lives right behind one of the houses where they placed the homemade bombs.

“Just last night, my kids heard something and because that incident happened in our neighborhood, it was 2:00 in the morning and my kids are up crying,” says Cook.

Dwiggins says the bombs produce more than stress. They’re dangerous.

“Depending on the amount of drain cleaner and the amount of foil that goes into the bottle, it could rupture at any time,” says Dwiggins. “It’s unpredictable.”

Neighbor Laura Davey wonders if the teen in the video understood the bomb could’ve exploded before he made it off the porch.

“Watching this, I’m going to have a conversation with my 14-year-old son because he’s always trying to do everything on YouTube and all these things they’re trying and it’s scary,” says Davey. “I just have to stop him and explain to him what could happen.”

Besides the potential danger they put themselves in, the teens could now have criminal records.

They’re each facing a count of criminal mischief and use of an overpressure device.

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