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ANN ARBOR, MI – Taking a mental health day is something most of us have probably done, but it isn’t something many people admit to doing.

Madalyn Parker is a web developer for Olark Live Chat. According to USA Today, she suffers from chronic depression and anxiety. Last month, she sent an email to her co-workers and told them she was using two sick days to focus on her mental health.

She said she wanted to be upfront about the reason she was using her sick days so other employees would feel comfortable doing the same thing.

CEO Ben Congleton saw her email and thanked her for reminding everyone about the importance of mental health.

Parker posted a screenshot on Twitter of their conversation, and the tweet has since gone viral with thousands of people online applauding Congleton’s response.

Man people are thanking Congleton for acknowledging the importance of mental health in the work place.