Peyton Manning (not the quarterback) arrested on drug charges

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 19, 2014) – The headline is certainly eye-catching: “Peyton Manning arrested.”

But have no fear, Colts and Broncos fans, it’s not that Peyton Manning.

Instead, this Peyton Manning (who is 18 years old, coincidentally), faces two felony drug charges following a traffic stop in Tennessee’s Davidson County. Kenneth Sowards, also 18, was arrested as well.

According to court documents, police pulled Manning over after they saw her driving on Elm Hill Pike Sunday with her high beams on. The investigating officers smelled marijuana and then searched the car. Police found two mason jars of marijuana and two baggies filled with a white, powdery substance floating in a cup filled with soda. A field test showed the powder was cocaine.

Manning had text messages on her phone about cocaine and admitted she’d used marijuana in the past. She had “$80 in lower denomination bills in her purse that is consistent with street level drug sales,” court documents said.

Manning was charged with possession of cocaine, pot and drug paraphernalia. Sowards was charged with tampering with evidence after police said he dumped cocaine in the soda cup.

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