PHOTOS | Downed power lines, debris create unsafe conditions after severe weather hit central Indiana

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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. – Emergency officials in central Indiana are out assessing damage and making sure their residents are safe after severe weather and a possible tornado on Memorial Day.

Thankfully, only one person was hurt, and we’re told that person has non-life-threatening injuries.

But the amount of damage is extensive.

The hardest hit areas include Madison County, Grant County, and Miami County. An EF1 tornado was also confirmed in Henry County.

Here’s a breakdown by county of the damage.

Madison County

We’ve seen trees completely uprooted from the ground, and power lines and pole snapped in half. First responders also tell us some roofs were ripped off homes when this severe weather rolled in.

Charlene Cristobal spoke to a man who says he hasn’t seen anything this bad in 25 years.

Right now, officials are urging people to stay inside until they finish their assessment.

A shelter for both people and pets is open at Pendleton Heights High School.

All traffic into Pendleton is suspended until debris is cleared and power is restored.

There are 4,200 people without power right now according to EMA, and it’s going to take them at least two to four days to restore it.

The National Weather Service said an EF2 tornado touched down in the county.

Grant County

A trained spotter reported seeing a funnel at 8:13 p.m. and reported debris being thrown around.

A viewer sent us video of a funnel cloud on the ground on 600 North just south of the Wabash / Grant County line.

Tree limbs are everywhere, and some of the shingles on homes were pulled off.

There’s also a lot of flooding near 500 West and 500 North outside of Jalapa.

The DNR says animals may be in shock after people reported seeing livestock either dead or running around loose.

NWS confirmed a tornado in the northern part of the county.

Miami County

A storm system damaged homes and toppled trees in Miami County.

One man says he has 250 trees on his property, and at least 100 were taken down by the storm system yesterday.

Miami County EMA Director Kris Marks says it’s going to take probably two or three days more for the debris to get removed by county highway workers.

“Right now we’re happy there’s no loss of life,” Marks said.

NWS said the tornado was an EF2.

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